Challenge Mediocracy

mediocracyAs a culture, our expectations of our own health have drastically changed.

Think about it for a minute…. when was the last time you asked someone “How are you?” and they said “I’m feeling great today”, or better yet… when was the last time YOU said that?

My guess, it’s probably been a while.

We’ve come to accept OK as the norm – as the way we should accept living our lives.

When I talk to people about their health, I often hear a long list of complaints including fatigue, headaches, weight gain, trouble focusing, etc. That list is usually followed by one of the following… “you know, normal stuff” or “I’ve felt this way forever” or “it’s no big deal”.

My question: How is this NORMAL? Why is this NOT a big deal? Why should YOU feel this way?

We live in a world where feeling bad is normal. We have lived this way for so long, we usually don’t even recognize the potential we have to feel better.

The combination of the progression of the food industry and our difficult economy has left us living in a society where we struggle to manage our daily tasks. We don’t get enough sleep, work too hard, don’t have easy access to high quality food or even a solid understanding of how to properly nourish our bodies. As a result our bodies and minds are worn down, compensating for the lack of balance in any way that it can. This is where our chronic symptoms stem from.

We strive to reach a level of success in most areas of our lives. We don’t accept below a certain standard. But yet, for our health – we accept mediocracy. I challenge you to think twice about how you feel each day, where your resources are going and how small changes may make a big difference.

The simple truth: You should NOT have to accept feeling “OK”.

Jessica Sullivan, LMSW, SFG, NTP

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