Fat-Burner or Sugar-Burner – Which Are You?

Our ancestors did not suffer with fatigue, digesheadstive discomfort, sleep problems, anxiety, or other blood sugar-related issues. And they certainly weren’t coffee-addicted stress-balls who got HANGRY through the day if they skipped a meal… (Sound familiar? I’m sure either you or someone close to you fits this description quite well – I know I used to!).

So, why do so many of us struggle with these issues today?

Think it’s a coincidence that we are seeing a huge increase in illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune conditions and mental health problems? Our sugar consumption in 1821 was roughly 10 pounds per person, per year. Today, that number is a staggering 200+ pounds. Starting to connect the dots…?

Our metabolisms were designed to be energized by fats and glucose – but primarily fats. In fact, fat burning, or using fat for energy, is the preferred metabolic state of the human body.

Our ancestors were fat-burners. But us… We have become sugar-burners.

Today’s population mostly functions (poorly, I might add) off the energy of glucose. An over-abundance of sugar, pasta, bread, grains and other refined carbohydrates in the diet contribute to these health issues and left us as sugar-burners – reliant upon and addicted to the ups and downs of carbohydrate-rich meals, caffeine, medications and other things to just get us through the day.

Curious to find out which metabolic state your body is in…?


  • Have plenty of energy on hand
  • Have no change in energy after meals
  • Sustained energy between meals
  • Burn whatever dietary fat is not stored (able to easily maintain a health weight and lose fat)
  • Able to engage in prolonged exercise without fatigue (able to burn stored fat for energy)


  • Difficult time being satiated after a meal
  • Insistent, frequent hunger
  • Increased carbohydrate cravings and intake
  • Difficultly burning fat for weight loss
  • Lose energy quickly during exercise, easily fatigued

Ask yourself, are you ready to become a fat-burner and restore your body to it’s proper metabolic state? Through proper nutrition and a guided sugar detox, it is possible to regain your energy, vitality and health.

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