What is Yoga Therapy?


What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is a relatively new method of self-empowering healing born out of an ancient tradition. A yoga therapist is trained to help identify imbalances in a person and offer techniques to bring you back into balance and restore pain-free movement. We do this using different yoga practices such as movement, breath-work, meditation and philosophy. The goal is for you to feel good and empowered in your body to live your life fully, every day! The cool thing is, your body works! We were made to move, but our sedentary culture has slowly given us the privilege of the opposite. We can now do many of our daily activities without any movement at all, which slowly has lead to a lack of ease across the board. Get back to the basic natural movements of feeling strong and at ease in your body through accessible yoga therapy and learn to sustain it for life. No fancy yoga poses here. Basic poses and movements done consistently over time will produce lasting results that you can maintain.

How is yoga therapy different from a group yoga class?

Yoga should be, and can be, for everyone. In a group yoga class, teachers are trained to lead you through a general movement sequence. It is normal to not always have a one-on-one experience. The teacher may not know everything about you, and while education is involved, it is definitely more generalized. Yoga therapy is done in a private setting and is completely tailored to you specifically. A yoga therapist is trained to use yoga as a vehicle to address specific conditions. This is the space for you to go over any concerns you may have such as chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, arthritis, osteoporosis, general maintenance and more.

What happens at a yoga therapy session?

Prior to your initial session, you will be sent an intake form to fill out electronically. The yoga therapist will then have some background information on you and will begin to plan for your first visit. A thorough intake is always done at your first session. Depending on what your goals and concerns are, different assessments may be done. This could include looking at your range of motion, how you move naturally now, muscle testing and posture. We will use this information to create an action plan to move forward. Once the course of action is decided, we will begin yoga practices. Follow up sessions will build upon that first session and continue. You may be given sequences to work on at home in between our sessions to help improve upon what we are working on together. This is it. You get one body. Let’s work together on mindful movement today and always.

To Book your Yoga Therapy session email [email protected] or call Erica at (551) 427-8603.


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