Starting Virtual Therapy During Covid-19

As the weather became nicer and spring was approaching, I began to set goals for myself. I wanted to take two yoga classes a week at my gym, set an alarm every day even if I had nothing planned, say yes to more adventures, and prioritize self care. And then the coronavirus hit. I felt as though all of my plans and goals were completely derailed, and just when I felt like I had the motivation and drive to do so!

Has seeing a therapist been a goal for you? Has it been a difficult task to muster up the courage to reach out and seek services? If you are feeling like this has been something you wanted to do and were just getting around to it, we encourage and applaud you for reaching out!

This is a scary and uncertain time and we know that these are the circumstances that increase mental health symptoms. If you have been struggling, the current climate may be impacting your mental health more than you realize.

We are happy to take new clients, and we have a few clinicians that are continuing to see clients in person, as needed, while maintaining safety and social distancing guidelines. If you prefer to stay home, we are offering virtual sessions. This may seem awkward or uncomfortable, especially starting out on a new therapeutic journey. We’ve taken the liberty of providing you with a guided tour of what to expect from our virtual sessions and hope you’ll take the time to watch the video above and reach out with any questions. 

My current clients have adjusted really well to this change to virtual therapy! I have very excited kids who show me their pets and the awesome lego projects they have been working on. I have teenagers who have set boundaries for themselves through this process and have been able to prioritize self care and alone time (for at least forty five minutes!). And I have adults who are able to say, “I have a therapy session and I need my own space and privacy”.

I am amazed at how my clients have adjusted to this change, it really shows how resilient you all are even in the midst of chaos and fear.

This is a wonderful time to prioritize yourself and what you need, please let us help you with this priority and help you to reach your therapeutic goals!

Lillian Dugan, LMSW

Clinical Psychotherapist & Client Relations Manager – Nourish Your Mind

Ready to get started? Give Lilly a call or text at (845) 547-0479 or visit to begin your journey.

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