An Introduction to Horticultural Therapy

Horticultural therapy is the use of plants and other natural elements as a therapeutic medium. Horticultural therapy has been shown to positively impact health due to the restorative quality of interaction with the natural world. It promotes relaxation, stress management and mindfulness. Horticultural therapy also allows us to enhance our spirituality by connecting with something larger than ourselves. 


Egg Carton Seed Planting Activity Materials 

  • Egg Carton
  • Herb Seeds
  • Soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Spray Bottle or Small Watering Can
  • Pencil/Pen or Skewer
  1. Poke drainage holes in the bottom of each cell of the egg carton.
  2. Cut off the top of the egg carton and place it under the bottom portion to use as a drainage tray.
  3. Fill the egg carton with soil which should be pre-mixed with fertilizer (according to fertilizer package instructions).
  4. Make a hole for the seeds with your finger according to directions on the seed package.
  5. Place your seeds in the holes and meditate on a positive intention for your seeds and yourself.
  6. Cover the seeds with some dry soil.
  7. Lightly water your seeds.
  8. Place them in a warm location until they sprout.
  9. Once sprouted put by a sunny window (preferably south/southwest facing) or under a fluorescent light.
  10. You can use the herb seedlings to create a small herb garden in activity below.

Small Herb Garden Activity Materials

  • Upcycled Foodsafe Container (with holes for drainage)
  • Soil
  • Sand (optional)
  • Herb Seedlings
  • Watering Can
  1. Choose a container that is large enough to comply with spacing on the seed package or suggested spacing on purchased plant.
  2. Fill the container with soil.
  3. For herbs that like drier soil consider adding some sand to your soil.
  4. Take out your seedlings and break up the roots if they are root bound.
  5. Make a hole deep enough to provide space for the roots.
  6. Place the plant in the soil.
  7. Meditate on positive intentions for yourself and your plant.
  8. Tuck in your plant with soil and make sure that it is secure.
  9. Once all herbs are planted, water them adequately.
  10. Place them in a sunny spot and watch them grow!


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Lauren Mariotti, LCSW
Nourish Your Mind – Integrative Mental Health

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