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Increasing Positive Thinking

We all have negative thoughts. There is no way around that. One thing we can do, though, is change how often we have these thoughts, how we react to them, and acknowledge why we are having them.

DBT Interpersonal Skill: FAST

Sara Pitcher, MS, MHC, Clinical Psychotherapist & Kundalini Yoga Instructor at Nourish Your Mind discusses how to use the acronym F.A.S.T. for self respect effectiveness.

Clinician Spotlight: Perryn Elizabeth Dutiger, LMSW

We’re back with another Clinician Spotlight and are excited to welcome you into Perryn’s world! You may have seen Perryn Elizabeth Dutiger, LMSW leading one of our complimentary Guided Mindful […]

Distress Tolerance Skill: TIPP

Sara Pitcher, MS, MHC, Clinical Psychotherapist introduces the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Distress Tolerance Skill: TIPP. Video Included.