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Our 3 Step Process for New Clients:

Our Specialty Integrative Practice was built on the foundation of interpersonal connection. We vow to take a personalized approach for every New Client inquiry!

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    Make Your Request

    • Complete our New Client Request Form online. This helps us understand your needs including availability for sessions, preferred therapist, best time for us to schedule your phone consult and more.
    • Hoping for Insurance Coverage? Enter your insurance information and we will check your coverage for specific Nourish Your Mind Services. (No paperwork or phone calls for you - Let us take care of that burden!)
    • Don’t stress! All of your information stays completely confidential. Our system is fully HIPAA-Compliant!
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    2. REQUIRED Complimentary Consultation (Our Match-Making Process)



    Your Complimentary Consultation


    • Our Match-Making process is what sets Nourish Your Mind apart from the rest. During your Complimentary Consultation with our Clinical Director, Lilly Dugan, LMSW you can expect the following:
      • A thorough exploration of your therapeutic needs and how we can support you
      • A specialized recommendation on which of our Clinicians would be best to partner with you on your therapeutic journey.
      • Space to address any questions or concerns you may have
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    Start Your Journey

    • Schedule Your Appointment with YOUR Nourish Your Mind Specialist!
      • Once Lilly makes your match, you will be scheduled for your first appointment.
      • You will receive a confirmation email & online access to our intake system to complete your New Client Paperwork.
      • Come on in for your first scheduled appointment - We will be here to support you on each step of your journey!

*Your inquiry will be responded to by either Jessica or Lilly based on their clinical schedule and availability. We aim to reply to your inquiry at our earliest possible convenience. Whether you speak with Jessica or Lilly, you will receive the highest level of attention and care as we welcome you to the Nourish Your Mind family.