DBT Skills for Parents: 6 Week Course

Learn techniques to help improve communication, strengthen connection and manage emotions with ease.

1/13, 1/20, 1/27, 2/3, 2/10 & 2/24


Presented By Kara Bucci, LCSW - DBT Specialist

Hosted By: Nourish Your Mind

360 Route 17M, Monroe, NY

Who Should Take This Course?

This course has been developed to meet the needs of Parents/Guardians of children ages 10 and up.

  • - You feel overwhelmed, stressed, over-worked and need some support.
  • - You & your partner don't see eye-to-eye on parenting strategies.
  • - Your child is struggling with emotional or behavioral issues at home or school.
  • - Your child is learning DBT Skills and you wish to support them further.
  • - You need a safe space to share and learn among other parents.
  • - Anyone who just wants more parenting tools in the toolbox.

What are Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills?

DBT includes five sets of behavioral skills: Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance Skills, Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Walking the Middle Path.

Session 1: Introduction & Orientation to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

  • Sunday, January 13th at 4pm.
  • DBT emphasizes the need to learn skills to replace behaviors that do not work and to address problems that cause difficulties in life. By understanding the dialectics, parents will learn the validation approach to support your child's efforts in making a change.
  • This session will focus on establishing a safe space, creating individual goals and learning the foundation of DBT.
  • Parents will complete DBT worksheets to outline their vision and goals for their child and their family.

Session 2: Intro to Mindfulness

  • Sunday, January 20th at 4pm.
  • Mindfulness is the capacity to pay attention, non-judgmentally, to the present moment. It is the foundation for the other skills taught in DBT. Parents will learn to utilize a variety of mindfulness skills as a means to model active listening and grounding.
  • Parents will learn the concepts of States of Mind, Non-Judgmental Stance, Myths of Mindfulness, and how to incorporate Mindfulness into everyday life.

Session 3: Distress Tolerance

  • Sunday, January 27th at 4pm.
  • DBT supports accepting, finding meaning for, and tolerating distress in the moment. As it may be difficult for a parent to watch a child struggle, DBT emphasizes learning to bear pain skillfully.
  • Parents will learn how to support their children in recognizing negative situations and their impact, rather than becoming overwhelmed or hiding from them.

Session 4: Emotional Regulation

  • Sunday, February 3rd at 4pm.
  • DBT recognizes that life is filled with situations and events that may induce intense feelings of anger, frustration, depression, and anxiety for your child. The Emotion Regulation module works to identify and label emotions, identify obstacles to changing emotions, and reduce vulnerability.
  • Parents will learn how to lead by example by learning practical skills to use in an emotionally charged moment.

Session 5: Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Sunday, February 10th at 4pm.
  • Includes effective strategies for asking for what one needs, saying no, and coping with interpersonal conflict. This module of DBT can be incredible rewarding and is perhaps the most difficult to apply.
  • Parents will learn to apply specific communication skills to facilitate difficult discussions with your child.

Holiday Break - No Class on February 17th.

  • Practice Skills!

Session 6: Walking the Middle Path

  • Sunday, February 24th at 4pm.
  • This module was created specifically for children and their families. Walking the Middle Path emphasizes the dialectical view that opposite can both be true, and that their is more than one way to see a situation or solve a problem.
  • Parents will learn how to use validation while keeping their limits and setting clear expectations.

The goal of this course is for parents to feel confident and empowered to utilize the DBT skills that have proven to be effective in improving relationships and well-being among family members.

Sign up required. $300 per Parent. $500 for Both Parents *Insurance reimbursement available!

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