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Tips for Mindful Eating

Jessica Sullivan, LCSW, NTP, CDBT, Founder & CEO of Nourish Your Mind discusses how you can practice mindful eating during times of increased stress.

3 Tips to Soothe Your Belly This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and many assume we have to live with the heartburn, gas and bloat the day brings, right? Check out a few simple tips to help support your belly during Thanksgiving from Nourish Your Mind’s Nutritional Therapist, Kristi Perry Brown, NTP. 

The Gorilla in the Room

Frustrated with your healing process or emotional connections to food? Check out this take from our Nutritional Therapist: When we really work on the spiritual and emotional side of ourselves, and in turn address what we think and feel around food, making changes to what we eat becomes SO MUCH EASIER.

Sugar: The First Step

Our challenge is that sugar is highly addictive, so how do we get off this roller coaster?

Nutrients 101

Welcome to Nutrients 101! We’ve broken down the basics of nutrition to help you avoid all the confusion out there.