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A Guide To Self-Care

By practicing self-care, you are increasing your self-awareness of the patterns of your emotions, which can sometimes benefit individuals with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

Getting Real About COVID-19 Emotions

In this video blog, founder and CEO of Nourish Your Mind, Jessica Sullivan, LCSW, NTP, CDBT discusses the emotional toll of the COVID-19 pandemic and offers some coping strategies.

Perfectionism is Overrated

What does the strive for perfection or being the best actually cost us, and is it worth it? Take a closer look at Perfectionism through the eyes and experience of a Nourish Your Mind Psychotherapist.

16 Ways to Be Nice to Yourself This Year

Ready to feel better about YOU? Making changes in your self-care practice can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. This year, be nice to yourself by taking some of the these steps.

Challenge Mediocracy

Thoughts on our society’s acceptance of mediocracy in health. Challenge yourself to feel better.