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Clinician Spotlight: Jenn Ortiz, MHC-LP

Meet Jenn Ortiz! We’re excited to have Jenn’s clinical expertise, fun personality and sense of adventure as part of the Nourish Your Mind Family! Schedule your appointment with Jenn today.

The Gorilla in the Room

Frustrated with your healing process or emotional connections to food? Check out this take from our Nutritional Therapist: When we really work on the spiritual and emotional side of ourselves, and in turn address what we think and feel around food, making changes to what we eat becomes SO MUCH EASIER.

Perfectionism is Overrated

What does the strive for perfection or being the best actually cost us, and is it worth it? Take a closer look at Perfectionism through the eyes and experience of a Nourish Your Mind Psychotherapist.

Managing Chronic Pain through Yoga

Yoga Therapist, Erica Spirko, discusses the many layers of Chronic Pain and how breath work and movement through Yoga can provide long-term relief and wellness.