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Client Testimonials

Group Testimonials:

I have learned so much in Melissa’s group about how to deal with emotions and regulating them to “fit the facts” in my day to day life.

I just love the group aspect and learning from other people’s stories.

Melissa Quinn, LMHC
Adult DBT Group

“The group I’m in is helpful and I like the connection to the other group members I have grown.”

Lauren Miranda, LMHC
Flourish & Thrive Group

Individual/Couples/Family Testimonials:

“I am pleased so far. Emily takes the time required to develop a relationship with my son by playing games and listening to him. Trust is essential. He is developing trust with her and as he becomes more comfortable, I expect he will respond better to behavioral changes.”

Emily Mortelliti, LCSW
From Mom of Minor Client

“From the very first session, there was a connection between my therapist and I. She was quick to laugh, smile, and talk to me like she had known me forever. She walked me through the process of therapy and has done everything in her power to help guide me in the journey. Rachel has been amazing in helping me learn to manage stress and live comfortably.”

Rachel Formale, LMHC
From Individual Client

“It has helped us all understand my daughter’s mental illness better and given her some tools to deal with it. I think the quality of care is excellent.”

Lara Voloto, LMHC (Couple’s Therapist)
Maureen Lewis, LMSW (Parent Therapist)
Rachel Formale, LMHC (Minor Client’s Therapist)
Alyssa Gau, LMHC (Minor Client’s Therapist)
Shared Family Client

Life is too short to struggle alone in silence. I am forever thankful to the therapists at NYM for allowing me the safe space to process my personal struggles while simultaneously giving me the tools to move forward in stronger, healthier directions. I wouldn’t have that experience had I not made that initial inquiry. It’s just a call.

The best part of my NYM experience would have to be the relationships that I have been able to develop with my assigned therapists. It has been so important to my journey to be able to be heard, to be seen, and to be held accountable throughout. Therapy has been one of the most difficult things I’ve been through, just in having to be honest and vulnerable while digging up past pain, but it has also been one of the most rewarding. I would not be able to say that if I didn’t trust and value my therapists.

Amanda K. Barley, LMSW & Sharon Nistico, LMHC
Individual & ART Client

Being a part of the Nourish Your Mind Family provides a format for consistent “Me Time” in my busy, scatterbrained mom lifestyle.

Nourish Your Mind is different than other providers because the environment is home-like, calm even down to the fish, white noise, and tv screen in the entrance area. It does not feel like a sterile doctors office.

Just make the first call because it is so popular you may have to wait to get an appointment. It is that good.

I am glad I started. I am also glad that my daughter is working with a therapist too.

Katherine Harvey, LCSW
From Individual Client

Christie is an amazing therapist. I have started working with her about a month and a half ago, and could not ask for anything more! I was looking at the time for someone who really knows what they are doing, and has experiences with eating disorders. I have been searching for months due to that I have came out of higher levels of care about a year ago, and could not find anybody that took their job seriously or cared. Christie, has began to help me heal in ways I knew I never needed and needed as well. She cares a lot about her clients and their overall well-being.

The admissions team did an amazing job with placing me with someone based on what I am struggling with at the team, and as well really took the time to get to know your own story to give you the best match possible.

Christie-Lynn Malitz, LMSW
From Individual Client

Nourish your mind makes you feel safe, comfortable and without judgments. The smell of aroma therapy, the dim rooms and sounds were all very calming. Christie has been great and most importantly easy to talk to. In the past, I have found other providers are in a sense like robots spewing repeated information. Christie is engaging, offers interesting perspectives, books and charts.

Therapy has provided a positive outlet to discuss my fears and anxieties in a safe environment. I am slowly recognizing what could trigger myself from past trauma. Also, to recognize what I’m feeling and why. I am aware of my actions and maintain a calm manner.

Christie Malitz, LMSW
Individual Client

I like how it makes her feel good to be in a group rather than alone with a counselor. She has done that for years and likes the feeling of others her own age being together.

Jenn Ortiz, LMHC
Anxiety & Me Group

Working with Megan to get to the root of my body dysmorphia and body image issues has helped me begin to find strength within myself to see food a little differently and learn how to reframe the causes of my bad eating habits and routines. She has suggested we explore a new therapy treatment that could help with trauma as well.. Megan is a good listener and provides tools for me to put into practice.

Megan Quinn, LMHC
Individual Therapy & ART

Without exaggeration – Jes Sullivan changed my life.

I had seen several doctors to treat my constant GI discomfort and heartburn nothing seemed to work. Initally, I thought Jes would do the bare minimum like everyone else had, thinking she’d recommend a few meals and tell me to exercise. To my delight, this was not the case. Jes spent several hours and then some reviewing my pre-test results, my weekly diet and took the time to analyze every GI issue that I had. I never got such a tremendous level of personal care – even from my own doctor.

When everybody else began their sessions TELLING me what to do, Jes began with questions. She asked about my preferences, diet, symptoms I was having, and what dietary changes I’d be willing to accept. Right away I could tell that her main priority was to help me.

Being on various medications to treat heartburn and awful stomach aches for years, I was curious to see what Jes would suggest. She recommended a new diet with some additional supplements. It seemed so simple, yet different, from what my doctor had prescribed me for years.

Thanks to Jes, I was able to discontinue my medication (stomach acid reducer), with incredible results. I no longer have heartburn, indigestion or stomach aches. Jes Sullivan is a true professional who combines extensive knowledge with personal care – and I would highly recommend her to anybody looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Ashley T.
Hartsdale, NY

Friendly, compassionate and thorough. Jessica’s evaluation was surprisingly detailed and taught me a lot about my body’s specific needs. The treatment plan was easy to follow, especially with all of the support that Jessica offers. I was able to stop taking my ADD medication in less than 2 months. I am thrilled with the results… I never realized I could feel this good!


I write this review with much gratitude and comfort as I am very pleased with seeing Jessica Sullivan for my nutrition and health concerns. About 4-5 months post gallbladder removal, I met with Jessica to discuss some symptoms that I had been having (pre and post surgery) for quite awhile. Prior to our meeting, Jessica asked that I answer a series of thorough questions, questions I never had to answer before nor had any Physician ever ask me. She welcomed me to her office and we sat down and discussed all my symptoms and eating patterns. I wrote a three day diary of meals without any judgment. She allowed me to speak about my issues and concerns without any attempt to conclude a diagnosis and without a prescription ready to hush me up. She listened to me and truly took the time to understand my symptoms, eating habits and overall lifestyle. I believe she was genuine in wanting to see me feel better and reassured me that on a realistic basis that it would take some time to manage healthier choices for myself and not to be discouraged. We went through a lot of information and I was able to absorb it as the material was very visual and she explained things slowly for me. She administered some vitamins on a trial of pressure points on my body and a scale of pain tolerance for that specific area. This was very interesting to me, as I could not believe some points of my body generated pain based on specific organs, etc. I am now taking a supplement that has helped with the discomfort of eating foods post gallbladder surgery, and I have been feeling generally better since our last meeting. I have to say that I am eager to continue to meet with Jessica and essentially get myself on track as I continue to learn to curve my sugar cravings, manage my fats, and intake plenty of water with healthier snacks and meal plans. I would highly recommend taking the time to see if she is the right fit for you, as I am so glad I met with her. I finally feel like I have a health advocate, who is willing to help me feel better with an overall healthy lifestyle and to aid in breaking any bad eating habits that are detrimental to my health. She has a lot of knowledge and she also has a lot of experience from her own journey which affirms her compassion for this area of health and also makes you feel not alone.

Lorrie T.
New Windsor, NY