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In this group, members will learn about the journey of their self views and values, and throughout the journey, they will discover ways to change those views for the better. This group is for teens who feel they do not know who they are, or who they want to be. This group is for teens who do not realize they are not alone. Being a teenager is not easy, it is full of a lot of emotions that are not the easiest to handle. However, in this group we will be focusing on navigating through that while we are developing a stronger sense of self and a positive version of ourselves.

The curriculum is aimed to start with self esteem, which focuses on negative self views, and how we can alter that. Members will be asked to explore who they are and what makes them who they are so we can find ways to better embrace them. Members will gain a new insight in terms of positive thinking with their daily lives.

This course provides a safe place for members to share their personal feelings and experiences in hopes to empower each other as a team in this journey of self love and self exploration.

Mondays at 7:15 pm

Ages 13-18 Welcome

Starts September 23rd

Warwick, NY

Led by Angelica Castaldo, MHC-LP

$50/Session. Insurance Coverage Possible.

Once sign up is complete, our Director of Group Therapy will contact you to welcome you to group and help answer any questions you may have.