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Dialectical Behavior Therapy – Distress Tolerance – TIPP Skill

In DBT, there are many skill sets to help with Distress Tolerance. Distress Tolerance helps you to more effectively cope with overwhelming emotions and to give you new ways to soften the effects of the upsetting situations.

Today we will introduce the skill set TIPP…T-I-P-P. This skill is designed to bring you down from a situation that can provoke stress and/or anxiety.

The sooner that we recognize that a moment is becoming overwhelming the easier it is to take back control of the moment. We are often able to recognize that our body is about to go into distress by symptoms such as increased body temperature, sweating, tightness in the chest, a racing heart, and difficulty breathing. When you begin to recognize your symptoms it is time to begin TIPP.

So, what does TIPP stand for? Temperature, Intense Exercise, Paced Breathing, Paired Muscle Relaxation.
Watch the video above for a full description and suggestions for how to implement this skill. 

Temperature: When we are upset our body often feels hot. Cool it down!

Intense Exercise: Increasing oxygen flow helps to decrease stress levels. Plus, it is difficult to stay upset when you are tired!

Paced Breathing: Steady breathing reduces the body’s fight or flight response.

Paired Muscle Relaxation: When you tighten a voluntary muscle, relax it, and allow it to rest, the muscle will become more relaxed than before.

Sara Pitcher, MS, MHC – Psychotherapist

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