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We’re back with another Clinician Spotlight and are excited to welcome you into Perryn’s world! You may have seen Perryn Elizabeth Dutiger, LMSW leading one of our complimentary Guided Mindful Meditations recently. We wanted to take the opportunity to let you get to know Perryn on a deeper level. At Nourish Your Mind, we stay away from the stuffiness of therapy and welcome you into our offices with a refreshing authenticity.

Meet Perryn in her own words: 

It’s hard to pick one thing! I feel like so much learning and growing has occurred. I would say that a few of the most valuable things are my deepened discovery of the healing powers of nature and bringing more humor into life. Also, acquiring a more profound realization around the importance of allowing some things to be as they are – or as it is often called, radical acceptance – including toward one’s self. I’ve learned through practicing greater acceptance and self-acceptance, that we as individuals, and subsequently our lives, are often susceptible to shifting and expanding with more ease.

I had always dreamed of working in a therapeutic setting that really embodies safety, both physically and emotionally. Nourish provides a soothing, cozy atmosphere that feels so nurturing. Step into one of the offices and you will see I’m grateful to work alongside a genuinely supportive, amazing team of clinicians. Additionally, it’s so special to be part of a practice that is truly aligned with my own vision and values toward a holistic, multidimensional perspective of wellness.

It’s going to sound funny…but working as a consultant at a bridal shop! I had the opportunity to be present for a big part of such a monumental experience in peoples’ lives by helping them pick out a wedding dress. Often sharing this experience with their loved ones, there were many emotional highs and lows throughout the process. As you can probably imagine, the full spectrum emerged – intense joy and excitement, mixed with anxiety, body image issues, conflicting opinions, indecision, family conflict, etc. I feel like this was a kind of early training for holding space for others during a transitional moment in life. And just like therapy, I was very honored to share those moments and help people feel supported during an emotional journey.

I love my job because I have the privilege of developing meaningful connections with my clients, who let me into their world as a partner on their path toward healing and transformation. It feels rewarding to help people find more love for themselves as they step into a more joyful, empowered version of themselves. Being at Nourish gives me the ability to utilize my own strengths and passions such as breathing and meditation practice, as well as mindfulness and self-compassion work. I can continually grow as a person and as a therapist in an environment that welcomes creativity and innovative ideas to meet each person’s unique needs.

Much like the mission of Nourish – “advocating for a movement of self-care…where therapy is for everyone,” I hope pervasive misconceptions about therapy that steer many people away, become a thing of the past…and that everyone has access to mental health care. I hope that the stigma around having mental health issues is dismantled so that a great many people won’t feel drowned in shame, and that our world in general becomes even more compassionate. I hope that society at large, and the field in particular, continue to recognize trauma and promote promising ways of treating it. I am also excited at the prospect of seeing integrative/mind-body approaches becoming more widespread and accessible to everyone. My wish is that everyone in this field, including both mental health care providers and people receiving services, can be in comfy environments that feel safe and support growth.

I would describe my style as holistic, integrative, and client-centered. My number one goal is to help people feel comforted and held in a safe space. Developing trust and connection in the therapeutic relationship is at the heart of what I do – and is what makes therapy most effective.

I’ve been told that I have a soft, nurturing vibe

Like others at Nourish, I embrace a holistic approach by looking at the whole person – mind/body/spirit. I enjoy incorporating techniques such as guided imagery/visualization, meditation, and breathing exercises, as well as incorporating a person’s spirituality if they are interested in exploring that. I also feel as if I’m a bit playful and adventurous. Sometimes it’s helpful to look at therapy as a shared adventure of self-discovery, where life can open up to greater possibilities. This adventure involves sometimes holding space for the release of fears, tears, and pain…sometimes venturing into exploring skills, alternatives, and solutions…and sometimes reflecting on growth and sharing laughter together.

While I have a very eclectic taste in music, I’ve had a special affinity for heavy rock/metal music for many years. There is something about the intensity of it that I love. I think this may be surprising to people, because I am often told that I have a soft demeanor. Also, I love trucks! Some people are surprised to find out that I drive a large pick-up truck.

“Breathe.” I sometimes share that conscious deep breathing is such an essential reminder for me, that I had the word tattooed on my wrist. But, I highly encourage non-permanent options like periodic phone reminders or post-it notes that can do the trick. Deep breathing is so powerful for shifting our entire nervous system and bringing greater calmness to our mind and body. This is why I often love to practice breathing exercises in session to assist in skill-building for managing difficult emotions and achieving greater states of relaxation.

Take the plunge! You may very likely feel somewhat anxious making the call and going into your first session. This anxiety is natural and it eases! And you really don’t have to figure it all out alone. You deserve to be supported. We all deserve this.

You can find me exploring the amazingness of nature – hiking, camping, or just hanging outside. I find the natural world to be highly enjoyable and healing. Being surrounded by the plants and animals…feeling free and refreshed, swimming in a lake or ocean…looking up in awe at the starry night sky…all give me a sense of connectedness to all of life. Oh, and waterfalls are my absolute favorite! I love to travel. Immersing myself in new landscapes and cultures is one of the most exciting things for me. The thrill of getting outside of my own little bubble…I always feel as if it expands me as a person in many ways. Also, having heart to hearts with good friends…with good coffee! I’m a big fan of coffee.

Singing. I wish I had more vocal talent. I like singing but really only around the house or while driving alone. I’m deeply moved by music, especially soulful kinds of singing – it can really evoke so much emotion. I wish I had the kind of pipes to belt out a powerful song…or even just hit a few notes!

I think I would be a hawk. They have such a grand view from up above. I think this characterizes me, as I tend to try to look at things from a higher perspective. I would be the happiest to be able to fly as they do. They are able to soar with the wind – looking so peaceful and majestic.

Pocahontas comes to mind. She is free-spirited, deeply connected to nature, takes risks, and her courageous mission is to bring people together.

Read more about Perryn’s therapeutic style on her profile.

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